Nick the New QAW Champ

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Nick the New QAW Champ

Post  nick killer vass on Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:15 pm

Plays out loud and nick with the QAW belt over his shoulder is making his way to the ring....The Fan begin to boo as he walks down the ramp to the ring...nick is wearing a Black t-shirt with the world Australian Gangster on it and black jeans ... nick get close to the ring and tosses his belt over the ring ropes and then walks into the ring ... nick picks up his belt and throws it over his shoulder again and then grabs the mic...

Nick: Last night i proved to all of you loser fans out there that i am the best in this fed. J-man had no chance once i got my hands on him. The fans begin to scream loser LOSER !!!!! LOSER !!!!Nick: Well my stupid yanks I'm no loser this why i hold this belt be course i am a winner..Last night i reformed the wrestling world as we speak , i took all that was given to me and then slam back even harder , i am the best champ this fed will ever have. The Fans begin to throw stuff at nick Nick: That's right show me why you yanks have no class, do you fans really think i care that you hate me , i live of it and i build on it.

Nick: Now the reason I'm here is to find a opponent for Monday night, so who the hell has the guts to come down to the ring and ask the champ for a match , I'll make it a title match and if you like i make it a hell in the cell match . So who the hell has the balls to face me.

Nick walks over to the ropes and learns on them awaiting for someone to walk out

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