Nick Gets Ready for his match

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Nick Gets Ready for his match

Post  nick killer vass on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:12 pm

Nick is laying on the floor out cold, the locker room looks busted up and there is clothes everywhere....there is movement coming from nick as he try's to get back up on his feet, he stables around felling over , nick rubs his head and try's to get back up again this time he makes it up and onto a chair....

Nick: What the hell happen to me , all i remember is attacking Nick smiles , as if he remembers the events leading up to him being knock out)So Reaper you have the balls to hit me from behind, lets just see how you do when i get my hands on you, just like the scum you help , i will hunt you down as well.

Nick begins to smash his locker room up , throwing his locker out the window... he punches the wall and makes a big hole into the wall, nick grabs a steel bar and begins to smash it over his head... BANG !!!!! BANG !!!!! BANG !!!!!! blood is poring from his head , nick stops and sits down he grabs a pin and some fishing line and begins to stitch his cut up

Nick: Reaper if your the course of me losing my match tonight be course of your cowardliness attack, Then you life would be worthless as i will hunt you down and beat the crap out of you..... But lets move onto my match tonight.

Nick ties up the end of the fishing line which he used to stitch his cut up with, nick walks over to some wrestler's clothes, nick grabs a top and begins to put it on , then grabs some trunks and puts them on , nick looks into the mirror just to the left of him and smiles , liking what he has on.... His Top has Australian Gangster written on it and is black in color. his trunks are blue and have the look of jeans about them.

Nick: Tonight i will be crowned the first and the best ever Champ of this sinking unpleasantness and talentless Fed and i will go down in history as the legend of this Sport..I will hold this title the longest and i will be in some of the unforgettable main events this fed will ever host... that's right i will be the best this fed will ever have... tonight i will be holding my belt that was meant for me the day i sign on the dotted line to join this fed...

Nick walks over to the door and opens it and looks back at his locker room and says

Nick: When i walk out this door and become the champ , i better get a locker room fit for a champ and not like this stinking room, They better know how to respect a champ or i will hunt this whole fed down till i reach the GM and kick his arse........

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