Nick speaks from his locker room

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Nick speaks from his locker room

Post  nick killer vass on Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:09 pm

Nick is sitting in his locker room. Nick is flipping a Yoyo up and down ....... his head is wrap up and there is a sign of blood coming from his head...... nick looks up and begins to speak

Nick : Well last week i was attacked by Mr.Shrapnel and left there to bleed and smell my own blood.... And it woke me up a little so Mr.Shrapnel i thank you for allowing me to see what QAW is all about...

Nick stands up and un wraps his head , his eyes show anger in them and he begins to headbutt his locker ..... BANG !!!!! BANG !!!!! BANG !!! BANG!!! blood begins to poor from a cut that was left from the attack he got from Mr.Shrapnel, the more blood the more nick hits his head BANG !!!!! BANG !!!!!! BANG !!!!!.

Nick:Mr.Shrapnel i also thank you becourse you have unleshed the beast in me , i smell blood and i like it ..... so come monday night i will have your blood on my hands and i will love it...... I will hurt you and i will make you bleed but Even when our match is over i will not stop ...... Mr.Shrapnel I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN and i will break you in half ..... you might of help me become the beast but i never forgive,
so when your alone and feeling so safe ....... BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! i'll be there to smash your head into the floor and break your nose ...... or maybe when your asleep in bed spooning with your wife thinking that this is great BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! i'm there to smash a chair over you and your wife head........ I WILL NOT STOP AGAIN AND AGAIN I WILL BE THERE TO HURT YOU!!!!
So when all is done and said in the ring monday night and i hold that tittle i still be hunting you down...... your pain is my life now ......

nick killer vass

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