Match against Gore

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Match against Gore

Post  Skullor on Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:57 am

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
the lights in the arena shut off skullor
Skullor makes his way to the ring
wearing a black coat
smoke hides the whole ring
skullor takes his coat off

Skullor: As you all know i wasn't so succesfull in the tournament so now i have time for some other things*smiles* Gore my little friend i heard that your "friend" wants a match against me... so now that i have time what would be about a match the next monday? I just want to see how you handle things inside of this ring to tell you something...i like your style but your just a little bit to coward so what about setting this in a cage match? just to be sure that you dont help your friend while im destroying him

Skullor waits for an answer


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