the match......

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the match......

Post  player on Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:10 pm

the arena lights go down as red and blue lights starts to flash up in there place, then song "papercut" from linkin park strats to play.
sparks start showering from the titantron as the player stands underneath with his hands raised high and head down with a towel over his head.
The player makes his way to the ring
walking confidentally wearing full length dark blue spandex pants with the player wrote down the sides in red writing. with both wrists taped with black tape and black boots.
the player enters the ring and climbs up onto the second rope and pulls off the towel while red and blue lights flash around the ring.

"The player grabs a mic and stand's looking at the crowd!"

The Player:Since day one i entered the QAW our "great" G.M has been putting me in matches with me and heartbreak kid. Now the 1st match was what i will call an out an out fluke! Then he puts me and a tag match with a partner who in my own mind i could of done better in a two on one match!!! So what i'm trying to say is basicly that i want this man out of my hair! But first things first you all are looking at the uncrowned QAW heavyweight champ and after this tournament ends all i will be getting is my crownig glory when i get my hands for the first time on that title belt!

You can cheer me or you can boo but frankly i coudn't give a crap what you think, all you got to do is watch shoot to the top....

"The Player drops the mic and starts walking out of the ring"


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