THe funeral of gore`s assistant

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THe funeral of gore`s assistant

Post  thereaper33333 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:35 am

Gore is the only person to attend his assistants funeral your assistant can`t be used in rp

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Re: THe funeral of gore`s assistant

Post  Gore on Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:18 am

*out of rp*
Do a funeral of someone without that person is kinda dificult lol!


A funeral march is played on the arena while a closed casket is placed on the center of the ring, suddenly Gore appears at the top of the ramp wearing a tiny black tuxedo showing his pain for the lost of his only friend.

Gore: Dear QaW fans, today is a sad day for me, for the first time in my life I'm going to open my heart to other human beins....earlier we saw one of the dumbest "suicides" ever, my good friend killed himself when he was trying to assault on another QaW wrestler.

The crowd starts to laugh.

Gore: I know you all feel the same pain I do, you don't need to hide it, because even tho he was only for a few shows he sure captivated some hearts.

The fans scream "Hell No"

Gore: Yes I know you can't believe it, what a tragic lost....but what I feel the most is the fact I had a secret to share and never had the time to revealed....the guy with the iron helmet who always was on my side wasn't exactly a......a man

Fans: what?

Gore: I used to like the word son so much that she asked me to called her of that way....but that's not all....because she came to this federation not only to torture people so to help somebody.

fans: what?

Gore: She was big enough to made people get scared indeed, and the fact she died the way she died is a huge prove of the love a mother can only gave....because the person on that coffin is.....Reaper's Big Momma!!!!!

The reaper3333 music hits and he runs crying in disbelief to hug the casket


Gore (taps Reaper shoulder): that's easy to solve kid.

Gore headbutts thereaper33333 and tosses him inside the coffin which he carries outside the arena.

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