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Special Delivery

Post  Nihilius on Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:02 pm

*out of RP*

*So this is my first RP Thing i am Writing here, so please go easy with a Newbie, i know my Orthography is not 100% accurate and i mess up the Time Sentences sometimes, any Usefull Adjustment is welcome.

i wrote this as an Introduction for my Wrestler Nihilius, taking a little Supporting Role in the Upcoming Skullor vs Gore Fight, by heating Things up between the Two. And i hope i get their Permission to take a small Part in this.

Any Ideas to extend this is Welcome, maybe one of the 2 puts up Something of this for his RP.*

*Scene starts in Gors Wardrobe*
(Gore is sitting on his chair, wich is way to high for him.
Suddenly you hear a knocking on the Door, Gore trys to climb down from his Chair but after a few Seconds,
he decides that its easier to Stay up there, and Sends his Assistant for the Door.)

(Assistant opens the Door, starring at a Delivery Guy who seems quite Schocked about the Guy with the Metalhelmet)
(Gore yells from his Chair in the Background)What you want? make it quick, i have a Date tonight.
(Delivery Guy) A..a...pa...package for Mister Gore
(Gore)A Package? who is Sending me a Package....? Oh i know one off my Thousands of Fans! (Gore starts to Smile)
(Gores Assistant starts to giggle as Gore minds his thousands of Fans)
(Gore)Shut up you big Dummy, get the Package over here NOW!!!
(Gores Assistant ripps the Package out of the Delivery Guys Hands)
(Delivery Guy)Hey! Watch it! your almost ripped my Hand off! and you have to Sign here Fir....
(Gores Assisant slams the Door and locks it, after that he wents over to Gore and hands him the Package, wich Gore is eagerly waiting for)

(Gore)Well, lets take a look whats inside, maybe Cookies, oh yeah let it be Cookies, I love Cookies!
(Gores Assistant nods as Gore says Cookies, and starts moving his flat Hand over his Belly, signaling that he likes Cookies too)
(Gore smiles at his Assistant and starts to Unwrap the Package)
(Gore)What the Hell?!......
(The Unwrapped Package contains a Small ticking Device with Skullors Face painted on it)
(Skullors Voice out of the Device)Hell is where you are Heading Punk, Sayonarra Sucka!!!

*Camera goes to the Floor outside Gores Wardrobe*
(A big Explosion bursts the Door of Gores Wardrobe out of his Hinge and sends it Flying across the Floor,
while thick Black Smoke comes out of the Warddrobe, suddenly your hear somenone coughing from Inside.)

(Gore wavers out of the Room, looking pretty Groggy and roughed up)
(Gore)Mommy? must i really get up now?
(Gore falls on the Floor lying flat on his Stomach)

*Scene goes to the Delivery Guy walking out of the Building*
(Suddenly the Delivery Guy is wrapped up in Blue Light, and after the Light vanishes, Nihilius is to see, laughing)

(Nihilius)Splendid, Mister Gore got his Cookies, hope he likes them (giggles), this should Speed the Things up,
hope this Skullor pays as good as he Promised.....

(Nihilius starts to ignite a Blue Flame on his Palm, wich is fast growing Bigger) He better should be.....

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