Revenge is so sweet

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Revenge is so sweet

Post  thereaper33333 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:27 am

(the reaper33333 enters the ring swiftly )
the reaper33333: what NKV did was a cowardly assualt what bastards would do so I will call him on so I can claim his last time in the ring a beating by me.
Keith: will hecome out, oh my god he has come out.
( NKV unbelievingly enters the ring )
NKV: try me
Keith: is NKV a dumbo
( the reaper33333 throws NKV out of the ring )
Keith: is the reaper33333 crazy as well
( the reaper33333 picks his opponent up and slams him irreguly exacuting a LEGENDARY piledriver )
( NKV finally gets up and leaves ASAP to the G.M`s office )
NKV: hey.
Darkness: holla
NKV: I need 5 weeks off for what just happened.
Darkness: ok
( Darkness writes down don`t schedule NKV 5 weeks)
you know you can`t change your mind now
NKV: Yes
( NKV leaves and books a flight last minute he gets on the plane 12 hrs later his return flight is 5 weeks)

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Re: Revenge is so sweet

Post  nick killer vass on Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:34 pm

Nick slowly walks up the stairs of the plane, nick greets the fan who are sitting in seats of the plane and can't belive that nick killer vass is in the some plane...nick takes his seat and begins to read his book when a 7 year old boy comes up to him and says

Boy: Nick are you really injured from reaper3333 attack he did on you?

Nick:Well son do i look like i'm hurt from that loser, why don't you do me a favor little boy and run along and leave me the hell alone.

boy:Mummy mummy mummyas the boy runs away nick see the the door of the plane about to close when he stands up and runs over and walks off the plane.

Nick:As if i'm going to let this loser send me away.nick picks up his phone and makes a call

Nick: Hey darkness.
GM on the phone:Hey are you on the palne dude
Nick:Hell no i see you in an hour

nick killer vass

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