Dark Lord Reaper's Intro

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Dark Lord Reaper's Intro

Post  DLR on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:58 pm

Real Name:Muhammad Faris
Ring Name:Dark Lord Reaper
Nickname:Haven't got one
Heel or Face:Heel
Attitude/Behavior:Disrespectful,Talk a lot,like to act like a leader when he is not.. Revengeful.. Merciless.. Hate people to touch him or his things..
Tag Partner In TWG:Experience Killer
Stable In TWG:Ultimate Showdown
Wrestler type:Brawler
Wrestler Origin:Parts Unknown

Attack Bonus: 44 (+5 / 1%)
Initiative bonus: 6
Submission Bonus: 0
Adrenaline Gain: 15
Bleeding Bonus: 7
Pinning Bonus: 0

Finisher,Taunts and Trademarks
Divine Darkness
Legend Of Deciple
Ride Of A Legend

1st Lvl Champ: 1 V and 0 D
6th Lvl Tag Champ: 2 V and 0 D

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