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Name: Nihilius

Real Name: Unknown

Age: 42 (appears like 19-20)

Nationality: German

Place of Birth: Unknown

Roleplaying Style: Tweener

Background and how he Became a Wrestler

Nihilius was Born as the only Child of wealthy German Industrials, he grew up with Everything a Child wants. Out of Boredom he started to deal with Magic and Occultism when he was a Teenager, first only small Prestidigitator tricks like pulling Rabbits out of a Hat, but as his Mastery growed he began to develop Talent for Real Magic and started a Career as an Illusionist and became quite famous all over Europe as an Master of Illusion and as Fireworker for many TV Productions.

In the Years passing he started to study Ancient Tomes about the mysterious Old Ones and the Great Cthullu wich granted him Powers beyond his Imagination. He soon detected that he Aged now at a very Slow Rate, and he did become Faster and More Agile than most other Men.

After a Great Fire in his Mansion (evoked by an wrong intoned Spell) he found himself Broke and with no Home (wich is literally gone up in Smoke). As he went to a Local Bar to Drown his Sorrows he landed in a Fight with some Punks looking for Trouble, after sending the Punks to the Ground crying for Mommy, a Stranger stepped out of the Shadows, and asked Nihilius about becoming a Wrestler in his Federation, broke as he is Nihilius sees it as an Opportunity to Kick some A** and make some Money to speed up the Rebuilding of his Mansion and his Library and signed the Contract the Mysterious Man offers him.


First of all Nihilius is a Scholar and a Trickster, never putting all of his Cards on the Desk, he is the Kind of Quite and Contemplative Guy who Carefully thinks about all the Options he has, and allways keeps an Ace in the Sleeve, just to be sure. He is neither Good or Evil, one Day saving the Princess, the other Day Handing the Dragon the Salt wishing Bon Apetit, but One Thing you can be sure of: that he does nothing of both for free.

He dont likes Bullys or Dumb Muscles, but he has some Respect for Streetsmarts and Tricksters like himself.

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was posting that worth it

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