Hi Boss....Hi Darky

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Hi Boss....Hi Darky

Post  Gore on Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:12 am

The Darkness is reviewing some papers in his office, seems to be very focused on it. Suddenly lights are turn off.

Darkness: Whoever did this better fix it before he gets some trouble.

???: No Darky, we enjoy this.

Darkness: Get the damn lights on!!

???: You won't like it.

Darkness: If you apreciate your health you will get the damn lights on before I clean the floor with your face.

???: Ok but I warned you.....

Lights get turn on again and the entire office is a mess with red staint all over the walls.

Darkness (stands angry): Wherever you are freak come out so you can receive your punishment

??? (voice from behind): We are here

Before The Darkness can realize what is going on a massive punch making him fall to the ground, after a couple of dizzy moments he can finally recognize Gore and his assistant.

Gore (smiling): Hi partner, you like the new decoration?

Darkness (stands furious): I knew you were crazy but not suicidal, you are about to get your ass kicked midget

Gore: and how are you planing to do that? (the assistant gives a step forward showing his muscles)

Darkness: You think that fat freak intimidates me?

Gore: No, but is always good to know I have someone watching my back. My son has been really sad lately, the selfish Skullor didn't wanted to play with him.

Darkness: You came to ass for a match?

Gore: No exactly, my assistant wants a match against Skullor, he said the druid wasn't good enough for him so he wants more fun.

Darkness: What if I don't agree?

Gore: Then we continue stalking QaW wrestlers till one of them agrees to fight me or my boy, and believe me....you don't have enough money to fill so many medical bills.


*out of rp*

refuse it or accept it I leave it to the gm choice, or maybe a special stipulation? Twisted Evil

Personally I would prefer my son to fight this time, editing a name from a match is really easy when you know the right procedure (obvioustly the match will be me vs skullor hehe)

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Re: Hi Boss....Hi Darky

Post  thereaper33333 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:33 am

the reaper33333 stops Gore and his assistant as he walks out of the GM`s office
the reaper33333: What happened there
Gore: kehekehekehekeh
Gore`s assistant tries to kill the reaper33333 but kills himself
the reaper33333: oh what a shame your assistant just killed himself
Gore: just smashed the GM
the reaper33333: your lucky day
Keith oh no the reaper33333 is up to trouble
the reaper33333 hits Gore with a steel chair and brings the GM into the ring while Darkness regains consiousness and thanks the reaper33333 for all his help. the reaper33333 waits for Darkness to leave first.

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Re: Hi Boss....Hi Darky

Post  Gore on Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:04 am

*out of rp*
Im going to take it as a joke lol!

but if you want to own me I can top that Twisted Evil


The Darkness is thanking Thereaper33333 for his brave effort on saving him from the Gore menace. romantic background music is played

Darkness (with light on his eyes): Reaperrrr, I could never repay you what you just did, you are truly a loyal member of this federation.

Reaper: Don't worry about it, I will be there for you when you need me.....always (blinks at the GM)

Darkness: You promesssss it? You are not lying to me do you?

Reaper: Don't worry I have your back babe...

The mood is totally lost all of the sudden.

Darkness: the hell you said?

Reaper (tries to look in another way): Nooo....nothing....

Darkness: did you just call me babe? I want real men on my federation!!

Reaper (jumps in joy): SO DO I!!!!!

Darkness (smacks Reaper on the back of the head): no gay stuff!!! You have to be a Macho!!!

Macho Man from the village people is played on the speakers while Reaper3333 starts to dance, again Darkness smack him interrupting the music

Darkness: I didn't meant that!!

Reaper: You are so meane!!! I don't like you anymore!!! I'm gonna tell momy!!!!

The reaper3333 runs out crying after his heart is broken but the only man he loved.


*out of rp*

If you are going to own me do it with style Very Happy

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Re: Hi Boss....Hi Darky

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