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The next Bigg thing

Post  Mr. Biggs on Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:40 pm

OOC: Hope it's not to late boss this is my second rp this one goes after the first one that was called Hustler ambition if it's to late add them both to the next show please

Suddenly a video starts to air on the titon tron:

Mr. Biggs makes his way to the titon tron
followed by his apprentice Tyron (who is carrying a mic) and a couple of female models
He stands proudly and scowls at the crowd

The arena is filled with mixed emotions

Tyron: Ladies and Pimps and Haters of all ages... Get out of yo seats and bow down to the number one hustler in the world, weighing in at 300 pounds of pure man muscle, standing in at a beastly 7 foot 4 inches!! A man that does nothin, but throw money from the left to the right and still has more than enough ta paty all night!!! Mr. Biggs!!

The fans start to boo at tyron's statement
Mr. Biggs raises his arms and poses for the crowd as the women that followed strock on them

Tyron: If some of y'all ain't up ta date on yo QAW news Mr. Biggs stuck his boot right up his.. well I don't even think you can call that guy an opponent, but he stuck his boot the chumps candy ass last week. And he aint looked back...hahaha

Tyron turns back and points at Biggs and stays "You da Man!!"
Mr. Biggs smiles back at him as he wraps his arms arounfd his women
The audience send a wave of jeers and boos down towards the group

Tyron: haha... But enough of the past It's time to move on to the future... Tonight is the beginning of the QAW tournments... And guess whose on the ballot... So this is our message to the enitre QAW locker room... Clear out now and save your selves the embarrassment, because one namethat will be engraved on the rising star championship and that name is MR. BIGGS!!!

Biggs with a smile on his face walks over to Tyron
He grabs the Mic out of his hand and begins to speak

Mr. Biggs: And you can take that to the BANK!!

Get Up by 50 cent hits the speakers again
and the group leaves the arena
Mr. Biggs
Mr. Biggs

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