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Hustler ambition

Post  Mr. Biggs on Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:35 pm

Suddenly the camera cuts to the parking lot
an engine is heard reving up from around the corner
the camera pans over and we see a white Hum-V Limo with yellow lights on the roffs edges pulling around

It comes to a complete stop then the back door opens
A large black man begins to slowly step out of the vehicle, wearing a white buisness suit, a white fur coat around the shoulders,
And a brown cane in hand with a silver wolf on its top. He is followed by a wave of females each better looking than the next
He stands and glares around the parking lot before walking up towards the driver's door
He signals him to roll the window down and begins to talk in a deep voice

Mr. Biggs: Ay brother man.... Park it close this won't take long.. Another thing if you hit another sharp turn like that and almost make me waste my crystal again.. I will personally tear you in half myself. Got It?

The driver just turns away in fear and nods his head

Driver: *nods* yyee... yee... yeees sir.

Mr. Biggs: That's what I like ta hear and stop all that stammerin people will start thinkin you scared or somethin hahaha..

Biggs begins to walk towards the back of the Limo

Mr. Biggs: Tyron!! Bring yo ass on man !! We got business to take care of!!

Tyron: Alright... Alright.. Im comin boss! Damn a brother ain't even got time ta finish his drink

Suddenly another man is seen coming out the back of the Limo
He is a lot smaller than Biggs, even weight, and is also wearing a White buisness suit complete with a zoot suit hat
As he steps out he smiles at the girls then at Biggs turns around to walk
Mr. Biggs prepares his hand and slaps Tyron across the back of the head with force

Tyron: Aaayyyy Man!!!!

Mr. Biggs: Shut Fool!!! I told yo ass ta hurry up. and another thing.. I LEAD!!

Mr. Biggs signals to Tyron and his females as he walk towards the entrance of the arena
Tyron Glares at Biggs and holds the back of his head.
He starts to talk under his breathe

Tyron (under his breathe): *you better quit bein mean ta me, betta watch yo back*

Mr. Biggs: What the Hell you say punk!!!!

Tyron (quickly responding): Uuuhh Nothin!

Mr. Biggs: Thats what I thought... come on ya'll

The girls start to giggle at Tyron
Tyron scowls at them

Mr. Biggs: I don't hear no foot steps

Tyron: You the man let's go hoes!!

They all follow after Mr. Biggs towards the entrance way
The camera fades
Mr. Biggs
Mr. Biggs

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