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Post  Gore on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:39 pm

*out of rp*

dont take this seriously is only for rp purposes, im not bitching ok? Razz , also i dont know the name of the fed interviewer so i will only put interviewer


Interviewer is walking on the dark corridors of the arena followed by the camera crew, they doubt on every step the gave after receiving a misterious phone call for an interview on the boiling room, finally they are in front of the door

Interviewer (looks to the camera man): Are you ready?

camera: I'm not sure, but you are going to force me to do it anyway....

Interviewer: If you want to get paid, anyway ready or not we are going in.

Interviewer opens the door and steps inside, the camera barely gets an image of anything because of the lack of lights on the room.

??? (misterios voice from a corner): So you came?

Interviewer (turns around frightened): Yes Mr. Gore we are here as you requested.

The camera turns and focus Gore who is sat on a corner.

Gore: You had me waiting for a while, that's not a good thing to do.

Interviewer: I'm very sorry but was hard to find this place, why are you here anyway? haven't you got a locker room?

Gore: You are in my locker room....cost reductions the management said.....

Interviewer: Ok....so you said over the phone you wanted to give a statement.

Gore: Yes...I have been notified there are several tournaments going on and Im not part of any of them (sighs) I dont understand how the management could have been so blind.

Interviewer: Well they signed some of the best wrestlers of this federation on them so...

Gore (screams): SHUT UP!! you will speak when I saiy you can!!! The fact of the matter is this is not over, I will get my hands on any competitor which steps on my way, but of course you already knew that right?

Interviewer: On your way to what?

Gore: To the gold....to be more specific the Raising Star gold, so I dont care who wins, they are already marked has dead.

Interviewer: But...(a huge hand taps his shoulder scaring her)...What the!!

A seven feet tall monster with a huge iron helmet appears out of nowhere.

Gore (smiles): This interview is over, you came to late and he is not asleep anymore, I can't garantee your safity with him around.

The huge guy starts heavily breathing while tries to give a step closer to the interviewer, but then the camera focuses some ropes which are holding him.

Gore: I really recomend you to leave, those aren't going to hold him for too long.

The camera crew and the interviewer leave ending the segment

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