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Post  jamieson4 on Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:11 pm

Wrestler Name: J-man4

Real Name: Jamieson

Age: 17

Hometown: Victoria, Australia

Height: 6foot 2

Weight: 90 kg

Alignment: Face

Finishers/Signatures: Big Drop [fin]
Flying Body Press[fin]
Two legged scissor kick[fin]
Samoan drop [signature]
Two handed face buster [signture]
DDT [signature]

Level: 6

Personality: J-man4 is a strong wrestler. Although this is only hes 2nd year as a wrestler he has developed some skills that has help him win 103 matches. As a child he played a lot of ball [basketball] and should have made it pro but a passion for wrestling made him end his career to wrestle. Now he is going to make a great wrestler in QAW Wrestling Federation.

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